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The Alternative

The charitable cultural platform “The Nonconformist alternative” is an informal union for the popularization of the film art in all genres and forms, for the support of the young and independent authors in the field of cinema and audiovisual arts.

The main goals of the platform are:

The film programs of “The Nonconformist alternative” represent charitable screenings of original audiovisual works. The revenue from ticket sales for each presentation of a monthly program is collected in the Independent fund for financial support of young and independent authors in the field of cinema and audiovisual arts. Each program presented within the platform is unique and its movies unveil the ideas, attitude and point of view of the authors, they reflect the world deeply and sincerely, in a meaningful and beautiful way.

With the assistance of Cultural Center G8 and Eurocinema, for three years we have presented to the public 47 original thematic programs, 240 films and other audio-visual forms created over the last 15 years, composed by 18 curators.

We hope that together we could succeed in creating an alternative and give a chance for expression to the young and independent authors in Bulgaria. For us, every kind of support for the popularization of this artistic platform is very important – it is like an integral part of the living tissue of Bulgarian culture that had to become visible and be experienced by the viewers a long time ago.

We continue with a new program each month.

Thanks to everyone who supports us!



For our current monthly programme and other events please check out the Bulgarian section of the website or our Facebook page.

Our screenings take place at the Cultural center G8, situated in the Sofia city centre, 8 William Gladstone str. Prices are typically 5 leva per ticket. We await your visit!


A showcase of our previous programmes:


Competitions and Initiatives

Competition 2019

For the fourth year in a row, The Nonconformist alternative charity cultural platform announces a Contest to support film projects.

There are no restrictions on participation such as applicant’s education, profession, age, genre, topics, duration, etc.

If the realization of your project requires more resources than the support provided by our platform, you could submit your application by noting this fact, as well as whether you already have partial funding or If you intend to seek one in the future. An important circumstance in this case is that the implementation of the project, supported by the Nonconformist alternative cultural platform, must take place within 18 months. If the project that has won cannot be completed, the financial support will be reimbursed to the fund and will be provided in a subsequent competition, together with non-financial support in the form of services.

The winning project will be financially supported with packages of services totaling BGN 15.000:

We thank our donors, our program curators, the movie authors and viewers! Each step forward is the result of a concerted effort.

Results of the competition for financial support of film projects of the Nonconformist alternative charity platform, 2019:

25 film projects were submitted to the fourth competition to support young and independent film and audiovisual artists. The jury consisting of Milena Petrova / screenwriter/, Dimitar Skobelev / cameraman / and Georgi Gavrilov / poet and publicist / ranked the following projects:

The following projects will receive special support from the Nonconformist alternative team:

The project for the short animated film “STEPS IN THE SNOW” with screenwriter, director and animator Magdalena Stoilova receives support for the filming with professional equipment from the partners of the Nonconformist alternative.

All projects submitted to the competition will receive a dramaturgical consultation, provided by the Nonconformist alternative team, which can be requested at the platform’s email:

Competition 2018

We are pleased to announce the results of the third competition to support young and independent film and audiovisual artists, to whom 31 film projects have been submitted in 2018.

The jury of Dimitar Sargev / director, screenwriter and actor /, Alberto Yordanov / director and screenwriter / and Dr. Diana Boyanova / psychologist and consultant / ranked the following projects:

SNOWDROPS AT THE END OF THE TRAIN, screenwriter and director Galina D. Georgieva receives financial support worth BGN 2,500, secured by the proceeds from tickets and direct donations to our Fund and filming equipment worth BGN 2,500 provided by MAGIC SHOP; postproduction services worth 5,000 BGN provided by ANDARTA Studio.

After the candidate ranked first withdrew from the competition on their own accord, and after a re-vote, the full support of our 2018 Contest is provided to the movie project SNOWDROPS AT THE END OF THE TRAIN, written and directed by Galina D. Georgieva. Good luck on the movie!

Special support from the Non-conformist Alternative team is provided to:

The project for the short documentary film “MY GYPSY ROAD” with screenwriters Vilma Stoyanova, Simona Kapitanova receives consultations for project development and preparation for applying to Sofia Culture Program, National Culture Fund or other funds.

Two feature-length projects - “The Tesla Case” with screenwriter Victoria Ivanova and director Andrei Hadzhivasilev and “Cravings in the Stork Egg” with screenwriter and director Petar Rusev will receive letters of support for distribution within the framework of initiatives and events / platforms / events arranging professional contacts and negotiating preferential discounts on project implementation services.

All projects submitted to the competition receive a dramaturgical consultation, provided by the Non-conformist Alternative team, which can be submitted to the platform e-mail:

We thank our donors, the program curators, the film authors and viewers!

Each step forward is the result of a concerted effort.

Competition 2017

We have the pleasure to announce the results of the second competition for support of young and independent authors in the field of cinema and audiovisual arts for which in 2017 there were 35 film submitted projects.

The jury comprised of Deyan Satulov /director, film critic and journalist, doctor in Cinema studies at the Bulgarian academy of Sciences/, Dimitar Kutmanov /director/ and Yancho Mihaylov /director and producer/ has ranked the following projects:

Two documentaries will also receive support on behalf of the competition:

Each submitted project for the competition receives as a consolatory award a dramaturgic consultation, provided by the team of “The Nonconformist alternative”, that they can request by sending an email to:

We thank everyone who submitted their projects in our competition, the jury of the competition, our contributors, the curators of the programs, the authors of the films and the audience. Every step forward is the result of our combined effort.

For the first time during the panorama “Brazilian short independent cinema: Observation of change”, that was realized thanks to Nara Vasconcelos – Instituto Cultural Zenon, Pedro Cela and Eduardo Cunha Souza – 202B Coletivo, we give the Audience of the Nonconformist alternative award as a symbol of appreciation towards the authors of the movies and after making an enquiry among the viewers of the screenings.

The award goes to the movie Nanã (2017) of the director Rafael Amorim. It’s a beautiful, poetic and emotional film about the battle of the people against the economic interests, about nature’s struggle against the machines, about the harmony in this world that is being preserved by ones, but also long forgotten by others.
Thanks to everyone!

The next competition for support of young and independent authors in the field of cinema and audiovisual arts will be announced in September, 2018 during a special event.





We collect old cinema posters, booklets, cards, amateur viewing albums, diaries, old tickets and all kind of “artefacts” that are somehow connected with the distribution of films in Bulgaria.

Whenever we have the possibility, we will organize exhibitions and permanent expositions in the cinema museum of Cultural center G8.

If you would like to give us materials, photographs or items, please message us at:

Old film poster EXHIBITIONS

On the 30th September 2016, in collaboration with Cultural center G8, “The Nonconformist alternative” organized an Exhibition of original cinema posters of Sashka Rusinova and placards, booklets and cinema brochures from the 70’s and 80’s, found in abandoned cinemas.

Exhibition photo

In collaboration with Cultural center G8 we participated in the exhibition “THE CINEMA – THEN AND NOW”, which was inaugurated on the 15th April, 2016.
Our participation was associated with contemporary reconstructions by photographs of the first cinemas in Sofia from the beginning of the 20th century.


On the 12th June 2016, after a screening of a film program for children, we also organized a Workshop. Kids and parents together were creating their first animated heroes. Moderator and assistant for the children was Anita Toncheva – animator.


Our contributors

Concept Stuio Frame by Frame Studio Film Sound Black Bros

Contributors of the charitable cultural platform “The Nonconformist alternative” are:

Contributors of the platform are also Margarita Shumanova, Kostadin Bonev, Nevelina Popova and all friends that support us.

A contributor is everyone who supports or shares our idea.

Thanks to everyone!


The films of the Alternative

Bulgaria, 2017, 14 min

Writer and director: Martin Dangov
Director of photography: Preslav Belev
Set designer: Nevena Georgieva
Editing: Stoyan Velinov, Ivaylo Penchev
Assistant director: Simona Georgieva
Sound: Martin Nazlamov
Lighting: Aleksandar Georgiev
Starring: Miroslava Gogovska, Ivan Terziev and others
Producer: Elena Mosholova
Co-producers: Concept Studio, Screening Emotions

When Stanka’s father dies, the poor seamstress doesn’t have enough money for the funeral. The institutions refuse to support her and she comes up with a thrilling solution to the situation.
Based on the story by Maria Stankova “Kato edna Antigona”

“New horizons” out of competition screening during the Golden rose film festival, 2017

Official selection in shorts competition – Trieste Film Festival, 2018

Antigone screen shot Antigone screen shot Antigone screen shot Antigone screen shot Close

Partner: Cultural center G8

G8 Cinema

Founded in October 2014, Cultural center G8, also known as G8 Cinema, is a new urban establishment for quality independent art cinema and events that are intertwined with the wide spectrum of visual and scenic arts, literature and cultural heritage. The center comprises of three cinemas, hall for presentations and training courses, small museum of cinema, a café and a garden that becomes a cinema courtyard during the warmer months.

The center’s objective is to popularize film culture through the selection and screening of a variety of quality cinema production, organized in regular programs, festivals, panoramas, projects and courses that must meet the needs of the cineastes as well as to provoke a specific interest in the audience. The offering of a rich repertoire and festival program that is suitable for viewers of different age and with different interests is one of the goals of the Center, because the films have the potential to be an extra key instrument with a role in the education, the social and public life and cultural diversity. The variety of the film program is usually accompanied by additional events, such as discussions, concerts and exhibitions that are also an important factor in the attraction and establishment of a new and regular audience. G8 Cinema is already one of the traditional locations and hosts of the established yearly events in the field of cinema, as well as of other festivals and special film weeks that are still new and rising in popularity. Among them are the panoramas, organized in partnership with different cultural institutes and embassies, that consist of cost-free screenings for the Bulgarian audience and several accompanying events, such as exhibitions, discussions and meeting, culinary tastings and dancing demonstrations.

Cultural center G8 also implements a support for the development of young professionals in the field, providing a “scene” on which they can present their works as well as a place for training and cultivation of their abilities. One of the initiatives in that sense is the established partnership with the National professional high school for precise technique and optics “M. V. Lomonosov” that allows the students to do an internship in the cinemas of G8 and Eurocinema in the field of movie projection. Another project in the same field is the charitable platform “The Nonconformist alternative”, initiated and developed in partnership with professionals and authors, that has as an objective the popularization of short cinema in Bulgaria. The project includes monthly screening of thematic programs comprised of short movies that have been selected by curators that are students, specialists in the field of Humanities, cinematography, audiovisual arts and other, accompanied by discussions and ateliers and the possibilities for financial support for the production of Bulgarian short movies.

A successful initiative of the Center was the creation of an amateur museum of cinema. Because of the horrible fate of the majority of the old and emblematic cinemas not only in Sofia, but in the whole country, the goal was to be preserved, although partially, the memory of these cinema halls. Documents, photographs, technique and posters to tell this story and the young audience to know how the cinemas in Bulgaria looked like before the era of digitalization – this is the objective of the museum. In the past few years there have been various thematic exhibitions of original cinema posters that have been organized in partnership with the State Cultural Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the platform “The Nonconformist alternative” and other cultural institutes.

Since 2015 Cultural center G8 is a member of the network of cinemas Europa Cinemas, as the membership isn’t just support with a deciding role in the survival of the independent art-cinemas, but also a prestigious sign for their shape, program and activity.

Sofia 1000, 8, “William Gladstone” street
Phone: +359 2 995 00 80; +359 879 611 099

G8 Cinema G8 Cinema G8 Cinema Close

Partner: Digital Villager

Digital Villager

“Digital Villager” is a company whose main objective is producing audiovisual content, filming, photography, directing, scriptwriting, graphical and editing services, video and sound recording and the distribution of audiovisual content, advertisement.



This is the place where you can search or suggest support for the development or realization of film projects.

We will assist you with information, consultations, exchange of contacts with professionals or people that could help your ideas to become reality in the best possible way.

Message us!


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